I had a crash yesterday and after replacing a motor arm I was not able to arm the APM 2.5. I tried to re-calibrate the ESCs but that didn't help. I then tried to connect it to the latest version of Mission Planner using a USB cable and the 3DR radios but neither option worked. When I checked the Windows 7 device manager the device was listed as "Arduino Mega 2560 DFU" and the original driver was no longer recognized. In the past I don't remember seeing the "DFU" in the device name. I tried to re-install the Arduino Mega 2560 driver but get an error that the driver could not be found in the directory where I downloaded it. 

Everything was working well before the crash. Can anyone provide some insight into what might have happened and what I can do to fix it?

Thanks in advance for any advice and apologies for initially posting in the original hardware forum.


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