Besides the difficulty I'm having getting the sensor to read accurately, I'm getting minimum OSD displaying a different reading then Mission Planner -

I would have thought since both are operating off of Mav Link they would be displaying the same thing.

Any ideas?

Thanks Rick ~ 

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  • Betting that if you read the source code for the OSD, a "correction" factor is there manipulating the displayed value.

    As to the why, well that's somebodies fix in the OSD code, but it's also designed to work with more than one project (OSD is multi APM platform). Think of it like this, all cars have a speedometer and you might think it's universal, but I'm betting from one brand car to the next, there are fudge factors applied. They may not do it at the spedo drive on the transmission, but rather, have a selection or adjustment at the spedo itself to calibrate it to the car, not the other way around. THis would make sense here since other APM projects might not have easy adjustments in the APM code, but the OSD is open source so they just put the fudge factor there.

    Valid question, but again, stepping back and looking at the bigger picture in that OSD is universal to many projects, not just ardupilot , you can see why and internal adjustment could be usefull.

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