Why no CH6_opt


 After playing with Mp and APM2  looking for the CH6_opt for tuning as described in the wiki  I started looking at the source.

I see the CH7_opt  can be defined in the config file but no mention of the CH6 and the box does not seem to exist in the current MP



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    In the CLI you can go to setup and manually set the CH_6 option with the tune command.

    You'll need to look up the values in the defines.h file, but it's pretty clear once you find it.

    // CH_6 Tuning
    // -----------
    #define CH6_NONE 0
    // Attitude
    #define CH6_STABILIZE_KP 1
    #define CH6_STABILIZE_KI 2


    The CLI command range will lat you set the scale like this:

    range 0 1500   

    This means 0 to 1.5

    The mission planner hides the Interger funkiness from you, but the CLI does not.


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    are the parameters assigned to CH_6 tuning.

    They are stored as ints but converted to floats on the fly tuning() in Arducopter.pde

    static void tuning(){

      tuning_value = (float)g.rc_6.control_in / 1000.0;





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