Hello. I have a few questions related to the recent changes that have been going on vis a vis the new Iris, the Pixhawk, and some other stuff. Ill try not to rant, but heh what could happen :)

OK. So firstly, What is the deal with the new adrucopter "Wiki" (extreme air quotes). One day we had a google code wiki, that anyone could improve, comment on, and update. Now suddenly the powers that be have decided to transition to the new Wiki, that in NOT A WIKI! its uneditable, and only accessible to the employees of an LLC, In a way that is very much NOT Open-Source, DIY and the like.

Sure, the Actual Arducopter code is Under the GPL, but what about frames, boards, and config software that is as much a product of inovation done on this fourm as by 3DR.

This place has been here a LONG time (in tech years) and has played a major role in drones of all kind, done some really amazing stuff. One of the biggest reasons for this is that every success was one for the group, It was proof that the DIY community could get things done. Now the new 3DR Forums are out, and they risk replacing this place of collaboration with a support forum, limited to the norm, not somewhere that big thinkers can achieve real things. 

That being said, don't get the impression I don't value 3DR and everything they've done for this community, they were able to produce products in an efficient manner for us to mess with. but every day it seems like they are moving farther from DIY and closer to Consumer, Industrial, and Research markets.

Just my 2 cents

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Hi Tim,

I understand your concern, I am not a 3DR employee and I am not paid by them and I have actually been responsible for a lot of the new "wiki".

In fact a considerable majority of the "wiki" has been contributed by non-3DR employees.

In the purest sense of the term it is not actually a public wiki.

Everyone does not have immediate and open access to contribute and edit as they please.

But there are good reasons for that.

This "Encyclopedia" contains critical information for using a lot of really complicated and potentially dangerous technologies so it was felt that some oversight was required.

I initially opposed this and sided with complete openness, but as it has developed I think that the way it was handeled was a valid methodology.

3DR and DIYDrones is actually happy to have anyone with a desire to do so contribute to the Wiki.

You only need to ask to be granted entry level editing and data entry status.

I have posted a major Wiki page for potential editor contributors here: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-editor-information-resource/

Both 3DR (the Company) and DIYDrones (the Open Community) maintain oversight on this its primary information resource for the good and value of the Community.

It absolutely is not simply part of the marketing and advertising arm of 3DR as you can see from my page on building your own multicopter: Build Your Own Multicopter

It has some 3DR products in it but it also prominently features in a positive way several products from competitors.

Primarily, this is a resource for all of us, not 3DR and if that were to change, I would not be here at all.

3DR gives us a lot of support including space for our Wiki and Blogs but they are truly disinterested in censoring any reasonable discussion and try to give us what we need to bring the best open community to those interested.

Blending a for profit Company with an Open Community is always bound to produce conflict and questions and it is not the easiest way to operate.

It is certainly way outside the comfort zone of most Corporations.

But, as it stands we both benefit considerably from this association so we each try to accommodate the other.

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