When I set waypoints in Mission Planner and send them to my APM 2.5, I assume that when I switch to AUTO it will complete the mission even if the Arducopter goes out of radio or telemetry range. The mission is stored onboard and needs no other input, is this correct?

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Presumably you'd need to disable throttle failsafe and ensure your radio didn't have a failsafe that compromised the mission (eg. didn't toggle the mode out of auto).

I haven't set up the throttle failsafe yet. If I didn't specifically set a failsafe in my radio, can I assume there's not one automatically set up?

Sorry for the simple questions, I'm new to a lot of this...

Why will it go out of range? Is the mission beyond  RC range? How far or furthest is  waypoints? How many waypoints are you planning? Simple answer is NO, as soon as RC link is lost RTL is triggered but to be certain you need to elaborate.

I guess it's more of a hypothetical question. I normally fly in a very small area so there's not much chance of being 'out of range.' I have a friend that has acres and acres of tree-free land that I wanted to use. As I said I usually fly in a small area, so I really don't know what the range of my transmitter/telemetry is. I just wondered what would happen if I did fly a mission at my friend's place that went beyond my range.

Is the RTL triggered automatically or is that something I would have had to set up?

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