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I thought it was a tad funny when the heat turned up in LA backed by DOJ, then a few days later congress and FAA start yapping about licensure, AND approving UAV use CONUS. These things always seem to surround MONEY (read that as contracts) and finding more interesting and clever ways to trample over rights.

Pfft... they can't even stop third world savages riding donkeys... not worried.

The concept that if everyone builds a drone that it will all “slow down” is kind of stupid in my humble opinion. If that was the case, marijuana would be legal throughout the USA just based on the numbers of people imbibing there.

I think more realistic is the need for a push back against the FAA and the Governments on freedom of airspace and to have them understand that we are not attempting to take over the world by creating flying drones.

It is still the governments that work for us and do what “WE” the people want, not the people being told what to do like children and doing what they want. The sooner that we the people understand that and make the government fear us rather than us fearing the government, the better it will be all around.

/me gets off the soapbox.

I think that's nonsense, they are not illegal in the UK, Canada, Australia oh I could go on.

Agreed. It is not that they are illegal, they are illegal to use in some situations and environments. No different than your vehicle, firearms or even your dog.

The article seems to be an all or nothing of freedom statement rather than a ballanced approach to stop the stupid from being more stupid.

Yes. You are absolutely correct, however the non representing representatives in Government have forgotten their place and their oath of office. They will do whatever they want when it suits them to do so.

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