Win 8, APM 2.5, Mission Planner, an setting Modes

Morning all, I am new to drones an finally got my APM 2.5 installed in my Rover an started testing.


What I am running into is what appears to be the inability to set the APM's mode via MP while hooked via Telemetry.  I have a 2 position switch as well as a momentary toggle on my Transmitter, an have set the Learning an Manual flight modes to the switch.


What I need to be able to do is set the APM in Auto via Mission Planner after I am done setting my Waypoints via my transmitter.


I am willing to accept not using the 2 position switch an setting all 3 modes (Normal, Learning, Auto) via Mission Planner if that's my only option.


I am wandering if this is an issue with compatibility with Windows 8 Enterprise.  Mission Planner is the most recent release.


The other thing I am finding bother some is that in the Status tab, Mode=Unknown.  So I have no way to confirming if when I set the mode via Mission Planner over Telemetry that it changes.



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