Wind Damping for Barometer?

I've noticed that the Arducopter holds much more stable altitudes in steady air than it does in wind.


On breezy days, the Arducopter will climb/fall spontaneously while in GPS Hold.  In still air, it holds much better.


Should I be wrapping the barometric sensor in foam or something similar?  Has anyone tried damping/insulating the barometer to get more stable pressure readings in Wind?


I can't say for sure this is the cause, as I have not seen the raw barometer readings.  Is there an easy way to do that?  I suspect they're all over the place when the Arducopter is tilting into the wind and gusts.

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  • I was wondering about that too.
    Fact is, when using a Mikrokopter-Board they advise you to wrap the barometer in Foam, so that is it protected from the propellers Airflow and from Light.

    What i will try is putting a CD-Box over the electronics and just cutting a few little holes to allow for pressure changes...



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