Wireless video telemetry Modules

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I am working on some unmanned vehicles and it is required to have both video and telemetry transmissions. I would first want to look for some modules that are capable of sending both of telemetry data and video link. Do you have any suggestions for this? By the way it is necessary to have these modules ranges to be at least 10km in LOS (preferably better).

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  • As frequency goes up, watt for watt range goes down.  As frequency goes up, penetration goes down = less range.  As frequency goes up, multipath problems increase = less range.

    The only advantage to higher frequencies is smaller antennas.

    When you go from 900 mhz to 2.4g you loose about half your range.  When you go from 2.4g to 5.8g you loose about half your range again.  

    Add in the multipath interference and the LOS issues and it makes 5.8g a very poor choice for transmission at any decent range.

  • Hi!

    I'm also looking for a similar solution, alltough I have already found my target frequency of 5.8GHZ as I will be using 2.4Ghz for my RC radio.

    theoretically, sending both should be perfectly doable, thinking of using TBM (Time multiplexing) as telemetry will only need small duty cycles and leave most of the transmitting time for the video. However I wasn't able to find any module that was capable of doing so.

    You said that you need 10km range, may i ask what region you live in? E.g. in Europe it will be nearly impossible to achieve those ranges without going over the limitations.

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