Wires and connectors for ArduPlane or...

I am wondering if anyone came up with a custom solution or has some tips to avoid the spaghetti wires for APM2 or any  other circuit boards?  I was thinking about a ribbon cable and headers, but using that the entire system would need to be customized and matched to exact size and only for that plane setup.

Tried to make my own servo male connectors on the end of custom length cables, but they would not seat firmly on the circuit board's pins and I ended up using factory made male connectors.

Basically, there must some way to keep the wires from becoming a mess.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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  • An old hard drive or floppy cable will fit the pins.  You'll probably have to cut it down to size and epoxy up the cut end so it doesn't come apart.   Use the old 40 conductor cables, not the newer 80 conductor ones, or use a floppy cable.  You should be able to get these by the pallet for nothing.

    I started working on something like this, but ended up figuring that I better get everything right and tested before I spent all the hours soldering those tiny wires up in a custom harness.  You could also probably use the old ribbon cables that usually go from serial ports on slot covers to the motherboard.  I'll actually probably do that myself.

    The APM2 seems designed to intentionally try to cover your GPS with as many tangled signal wires as possible and prevent it from being mounted properly, so this might be a popular solution.

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