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We would like to inform you that our company recently launched large-scale 3D printing services through Indiegogo, which can be used to order custom designed drone parts. We have developed the large-scale 3D printing platform and corresponding software since 2018. Please have a chance to check our current Indiegogo campaign from here:

We also provide consultancy services for your CAD data to reduce product development time and costs. Four team members (3 PhDs and 1 MS) are currently working together to advance additive manufacturing research. We can definitely help you to:

1) Large-scale 3D printing services for drone frames.
2) Optimal design of 3D printed parts.
3) Analytic certification of 3D printed products.

If you have any questions about our service, feel free to contact us. We can set up a remote meeting for you. Appreciate your response and comments.

Best regards,
TetraCells Inc.
Atlanta, GA, USA

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