Writing Raw GPS Data to the log on an Iris

Hello, I want to use RTK lib for post processing the GPS coordinates collected by the on-board GPS on an Iris+. The data needs to be in raw format for RTKlib to be able to use it. Does anyone know if it is possible to store the full data captured by the GPS unit on an Iris? I can see the latitude/longitude, but that's not sufficient for post processing. 

There is a thread about this topic:


but I'm not seeing any resolution to this question.

The alternative would be to install an additional GPS unit on the Iris that records the full GPS info to a SD card, but will be good to avoid having to do so.



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  • Hi,Mohan,

       Have you written raw data to the pixhawk? I have finished this work by writting the binary raw data to .bin file and then transferring this .bin file to .log file using a new transferring programming.Getting the useful data from .log file and Writting in the .ubx file(Because the GPS is ublox 6T).Finally the .ubx file can be used in RTKLIB.

  • So after doing some experimentation, I've discovered that the GPS used on 3DR copters don't provide the timing information necessary for RTK computations. For more info, read my blog here:


    Using RTK: What Hardware to Buy
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