Finally, I'm back to the sky =)

I've fixed my EPP FPV plane and uploaded latest firmware via Mission Planner. Setup and go!

Manual take-off - all great, hit Stabilize - perfect and smooth, then I switched to RTL - plane started to circle around, fighting with wind. At home I've setup RTL altitude to 50m and max throttle to 50%(my motor has plenty of power). Then plane keeps climbing and climbing... When my spotter told me that alt is approx 800-900 meters I switched to Stabilize mode and safely landed.

I wonder what could go wrong? My APM1 board is inside the fuselage, could it be that air is not getting inside, so pressure sensor does not feel a difference? Or it could be that my plane have a bit rear CG? I suppose, APM can compensate for that?

I can post the logs, but I'm not sure whether my old APM1 board with 1280mega has logging enabled. Please, clarify this to me. I've checked - no logs recorded.

UPDATE: I've tried airpressure test from CLI mode. With my plane laying down on the floor - altitude slowly drifts to negative and not stopping...

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Here is the baro log

Also, I remember the fact that I bought 2 APM's and 2 Oilpan's for friend and myself. Friend reported from the first days that his baro wasn't working, I flew with it many time but mostly in Stabilize or Circle modes. Could it be that we have faulty baro's from the factory?

Another update: Now my baro sensor always shows me 0m altitude, not reacting to anything...

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