X-GYRO 1000 set up

I have purchased the X-GYRO 1000 by AEO and cannot seem to get it working with either of my radios (Futaba 18MZ/Futaba 6EXP + signal mixer). I know that my servos work because I can hook them directly up to the receiver and have it work. It seems to me that the X-GYRO 1000 is not sending signals up through the trainer cable. I was able to configure the X-GYRO without any hassle so I think it must be my set up in the actual radio that isn't allowing the X-GYRO to communicate with the radio. If anyone could help me with this that would be great!

Nate C

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  • Got it working...just had to use a switch to tell the radio to allow the student (X-GYRO 1000) to talk to the radio. 

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