X8 Case

3DR are selling a case for the 2014 X8



Looks like a nice case, but I can't work out how the X8 fits in there with the photos of the foam cut outs. It looks like the top part of the X without the bottom part.

Does anyone have a photo or even a video of fitting an X8 into the box. I am really interested in buying one but want to make sure it fits how I expect or I will build my own.


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  • I will post my picks of X8+ in case with tarrot gimble.

  • I think I am going to get a Pelican 1730 - they are huge, but very versatile. Pick foam, so can adjust it to suit almost any of my models with a bit of care. Would still love to hear from 3DR Staff on how the X8 fits in that box.

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