I have come to use my XBEEs for the first time and having an issue connecting to mission planner.

The XBEEs have been set up for 57600 baud and I can see data coming in of the receiver when using X-CTU but it throws up an error in mission planner when I think its about to connect.

This is the error.

Any ideas please?

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does mp connect normaly over usb?

Yes, no problems over USB connection.

It seem to 'bug-out' just before the parameters are loaded.

Many thanks,


If i can be of any further assistance, please let me know and perhaps we could PM / email etc.

From the above screen shot, does it look to be a Mission Planner issue, or XBEE side?

As I say, they do appear to be talking to each other.

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can you try this

connect via usb

goto the pramater list.

and change SR0_* and SR3_* to 0. and save.

disconnect MP

and try connecting via usb.

All were already to zero apart from SR0_PARAMS which seems to default to 50.

However, i did set to zero and reconnect to MP without issue.

It doesn't throw up the error suggesting there is nothing connected to the MP, the error occurs about 3 seconds after trying to connect, just as the parameters start to be loaded.

Wonder if its worth asking if anyone else is experiencing this issue with an XBEE?

Here is the screen shot and thank you for your help.

try setting sr0_params to say 10.

Sorry Michael, exactly the same error after setting SR0_PARAMS to 10 :-(

Is there anything I need to confirm on the XBEE side of things.  Baud is set correctly (57600) on both devices.

Thank you Michael, does this mean it is fixable your end?

Sorry, just realised, is this error in the main APM code?

I assume the problem was never my end to begin with. otherwise 3dr radios and usb would fail to

Thanks for your confirmation.

Is there a way to test the error correction or is a case of having to wait for the next beta. I just bought a new Nexus tablet as well as the Xbee modules, so keen to try it all out.

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