XBee Pro 900 XSC Wire with APM2

I have 2 of these from Sparkfun.

XBee Pro 900 XSC Wire


and got the Explorer board from them too. One usb which connects directly to my pc.

The other, I wired the headers and then to the APM2.

Is there anything else I need to setup?

I already did make sure the addresses are the same.

Baud rate at 57k. Did not do anything. Tried 9600 still nothing.

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  • hello sir

    A while ago i was successful used some xsc with apm 1.here is what i did:

    i was checking correct voltage levels between xbee/devboard/ftdi/computer and xbee/adapter/apm;

    set both interface speed and rf speed to 9600 on xctu on both modules;

    check xbee against each other to see if they can communicate on 9600(max rf speed), you can write something simple in arduino (send some characters on serial 3 on apm) to see if you can correctly receive on computer hiperterminal;

    plug apm to computer and load the firmware(plane in my case), after that go to apm planner/configuration/advanced and set serial 3 to 9(9600);

    after that remove xbee from the plane and hook it to the computer, on xctu set Xctu/modem configuration/Networking/TT-streaming limit to  around 7000( i dont remember exactly the number because on that particular moment i was kinda of drunk).

    the thing is that the apm is talking way too much for xbee xcs wich is too busy sending, by putting that limit you just force it to listen from time to time to the other xbee wich now can  send proper commands to the apm.this xctu programming is needed only for the plane side, all commands are pretty short and anyway are more important than the incoming stream.

    put back xbee programmed to the plane and connect the other to the computer, make sure to select 9600 and correct comport on apm planner, hit connect on apm planner;

    if you have trouble connecting go to apm planner/configuration/planner and select all rates to 1.

    With this programming i was able to read/write all pids,advanced configuration and about 20 waypoints over the air.

    Be warned that all incoming telemetry is slow but for position tracking attitude and voltages i think is worth it.

     Im really sorry that i cannot send you printscreens with those settings but im far away from home.

    Let me know how is going with those xtcs and please excuse my bad english.

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