Xbee Telemetry enabled?

I've just upgraded from Ardupirates NG to AC2 2.0.30.


Setup via USB was simple enough.


When I plugged in my Xbee to my PC, set the baud to 57600, I just get garbage on the terminal.  Tried changing baud.


Mission planner doesn't connect via Xbee.  I'm using the same Xbees as from Ardupirates.  Telemetry was working ok on Ardupirates NG


I can't find where to enable/disable telemetry, so is there something that I'm missing?

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    Hai, telemetry is now using the binary MAVLink protocol. You won't be able to read it in a terminal.

    When you tried to connect via the Mission Planner, did you change the baud rate to 57600?
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