Xbee Telemetry kit 2.4 GHz + APM 2

I am using an APM2 together with the "Xbee Telemetry kit 2.4 GHz" and I am not able to establish a connection via APM Planner 1.1.85 (ArduPlane setting). I always get the error "No Heatbeat Packets Received" and in the command window:


INFO ArdupilotMega.MAVLink - Open port with COM30 57600
INFO ArdupilotMega.MAVLink - 186 Start connect loop
INFO ArdupilotMega.MAVLink - MAVLINK: S wait time out btr 0 len 0
INFO ArdupilotMega.MAVLink - MAVLink readpacket read error: System.Exception: Ti
   bei ArdupilotMega.MAVLink.readPacket() in C:\Users\hog\Documents\Visual Studi
o 2010\Projects\ArdupilotMega\ArdupilotMega\MAVLink.cs:Zeile 2063.
bps 0 loss 0 left 0 mem 36,4306640625
INFO ArdupilotMega.MAVLink - Mavlink Bad Packet (crc fail) len 0 crc 65535 pkno


I have tested both Xbees successfully with X-CTU. I can read out both modem configurations successfully and also the loop back test works. The baud rate is set to 57600.

Any suggestions why the connection does not work?

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  • I recently had the same issue and had to flip the TX and RX wires from my Xbee breakout board (Sparkfun Xbee explorer regulated) I am using the small harness that came with my APM2 to connect the breakout board to the APM2.

    I simply pulled the two pins from the connector and swapped them.


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