XBee & telemetry question

If I understand correctly APM telemetry is based on XBees.

Can I have several an XBee on the ground (connected to an Arduino, say) communicate with the 3DR telemetry module on my quad? Can I do that and have a ground station 3DR as well or is it purely a 1 to 1 communication?

I'd love to show some telemetry information on a portable arduino when I don't use my Android tablet based GD or even when I do.

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  • Hi Frenchguy

    It's not actually xbee but the 3DR radios operate in a similar way.

    You can have as many as you want on the ground you just need to set them to the same channel.

    I have never operated two on the ground at once (i.e. I've either had a laptop running or a separate ground station running not both) so I can't say whether there would be a conflict if you ran two on the ground at the same time (I'm sure it was ok with xbees so might be ok).

    There are some existing Arduino based displays/ground stations that you may have already seen like this or this.


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