Hi All,

MP on Win XP refers -

I have installed MP 1.3.30 on an XP machine, running ok

 Upgraded MP to 1.3.37 successfully.

However, now running MP fails with msg ...not a valid win32 application. (see attached pic)

  Is there an installation pack for 1.3.37 for XP, which will run on XP?

    I intend to use this pc as my portable GCS

On the other hand -

I am also using MP 1.3.37 successfully on a Win 7 notebook, no problem.

 I am using this notebook as my default platform stationary GCS.

Yet installing MP 1.3.37 on a different Win 7 Notebook,

  it appears the 3DR Radio driver didn't install properly, can't connect with the radio module to the UAV,

yet with the usb cable, it connects.

So in summary -

1) Is there installable version of MP 1.3.37 which will run on XP

2) Which drivers are required for 3DR Radio on a Win7 Notebook,

     if the default driver from MP does not appear to work.

Thank you very much for any suggestions or pointers in the right direction.



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They stopped supporting MP on win 98 it wont run the new versions you need to go back to an older version

Hi George,

Thanks for your reply.

 I did resolve the issues -

>> XP is no longer support in 1.3.37

>> with the 3DR radio

  - Wrong driver,

            downloaded the correct driver from the Silicon Labs website.



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