Xplane modes not working properly

Hi, I am running Ardupilot Mega v1.4 with the 2.0 beta firmware.  Have it running in Xplane simulator with manual mode and stabilization working fine but when i change it to loiter, RTL or Auto, the Mode box in the ArudpilotSim window is always set to loiter (see picture).  the plane will fly to the start location, and circle but will pause and try to go the other way, then go back continuing the circle.  it will also not loiter in the location that loiter mode was entered at, or run the autopilot route.


so again, manual mode works and is displayed in the ardupilotsim window

stabilization modes works and is dispaled in the ardupilotsim window

Loiter, RTL and Auto modes all display as loiter but act like RTL


thanks for any help


Ardupilotsim screenshot.jpg

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  • ok so I made this flight plan and sent it to the APM, then verified it by clicking "read EPROM".  the exact same plan came back into mission planner so im assuming that it loaded properly.  started CLI, and did what you said and those results are in the yellow box of the screenshots, then i went into CLI-SETUP-MODES and those results are in the red box.  Ardupilotsim still says loiter in RTL, AUTO, and LOITER modes and shows waypoint 0.  

    when I start the flight sim i do it like this... start ardupilotsim, then open xplane, set to manual mode, set throttle on radio to 0 then reset APM in fly mode then take off.  then when it is any mode that displays loiter it makes the type of flightpath in the second picture below.

    oh and I do not have the gps connected right now because I am waiting on a new cable, but shouldn't xplane supply the APM with the lat long?






    Mission 1.h

  • reason I ask is, if you notice your waypoint is 0, and that is normaly home, since your near home, it auto switches to loiter mode. I just verified, if I dont have a flight plan, the same symptom you stated occours. But once I put a valid flight plan in, via or APM Planner, or QGC GCS, or even HK's GCS. then it works fine. I have it flying a pattern as we speak... however I am confused as you have waypoint bearing and distance showing up... I dont get those... hmm...
  • can you post your flight plan? and have you tried checking your switches by going CLI mode, test, modeswitch ?
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