Yaw angle difting

When flying my hexa, I noticed that it slowly wants to yaw to the right, so I either need to give left trim or very small left rudder.


When testing ArduCopter MacGCS I noticed the yaw angle values start at zero, and in slowly increase (or decrease - can't remember which)  which I suspect is probably resulting in yaw as the APM compensates to maintain heading old.


Maybe this is due to the Earth's rotation? Although my AR.Drone holds heading perfectly and so does my Raptor50 with a CSM gyro, so maybe its a configuration problem? declination?



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  • 3D Robotics

    Your AR.Drone holds heading because it's using an optical flow sensor to view the ground. Totally different control mechanism, and one that you'll find fails at any altitude or tilt from horizontal.  The AR.Drones is a nice toy that works great in a very limited performance envelope--don't confuse it with a real UAV.

  • Compass (magnetometer) or no compass?

    No compass, slow drift = normal.

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