Hi all,

I've just been outside flying my recently rebuilt arducopter. I've added a lot of extras like FPV, OSD and LEDS. This has led me to cable tie the video transmitter and osd board onto different arms. I was worried that this might introduce some stability issues in terms of center of gravity, and initially it was a bit rocky, but after using auto trim it seems to be flying very well.

My one big issue is with my yaw. It is extremely sluggish to respond. I previously flew in + mode and found yaw to be very responsive. I am now flying in X mode with the most recent version of the Arducopter code. Dose anyone have any tips on how I might resolve this ? Do I need to start tuning PID's ?

Many thanks


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Stabilize Yaw controls the rate of turning based on the sticks. You can crank that up a bit.


Thanks Jason. I'll give that a try.

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