Yaw orientation during mission

Hi all,

is there a way to control the yaw orientation / heading of the copter during a mission? As far as I have tested, the copter always points to the next mission waypoint and flies "forward". Even though you can enable "simple mode" with auto it seems to have no effect.

It would also be nice to be able to set the yaw orientation for every waypoint. The MAVLink protocol has a field for that.

Anyways having the copter maintain a fixed yaw orientation during a mission would help me a lot. Is there a way this can be done?



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  • Dear all,

    after sometime I am giving this another try. However, I am having not much success. Is there any way to keep the orientation during the execution of a mission? Is there some parameter I can change to keep arducopter from orientating toward the next waypoint?

    Any hint is welcome!


  • Thank you very much for the help. I have been playing with the CONDITION_YAW command quite a bit. The DO_SET_ROI command has disappeared in the current version of mission planner.

    My findings for CONDITION_YAW are however that no matter what I set, only 0s get written to APM. The result is that the copter always points north.

    Wouldn't it be the best to use the yaw angle parameter in the waypoint command for this purpose? This if course only works for copters and needs to be ignored by fixed wings.

  • Developer

    Yes, you need to add a command called MAV_CMD_DO_SET_ROI. 

    the main value to set is MAV_ROI_NONE, or 0 if you need to enter a number.


  • Hi Niklas


    There are two commands in the Flight Planner section of the Mission Planner software which look like they do what you need.




    Yaw tracking option ALtitude (in meters) Latitude Longitude


    • Setting will persist until reboot
    • The location is optional
    • The option is a number from 0 to 4
    • MAV_ROI_NONE = 0: Yaw will hold it's current angle
    • MAV_ROI_WPNEXT = 1: Yaw will point at next WP
    • MAV_ROI_WPINDEX = 2: Yaw will point at the desired WP at the index #
    • MAV_ROI_LOCATION = 3: Yaw will point at the indicated location (The location in the command)
    • MAV_ROI_TARGET = 4: Not implemented






    Option Alt Lat Lon
    Direction (1 = clockwise, 0 = counter) Relative: amount (degrees), Absolute: ending angle(degrees) Speed (meters/s) Relative angle change = 1, Absolute = 0


    • Fine grain controls of the Yaw



    I have no experience using it but plan to soon.  You can find the manual for Mission Planner here.


    NOTE: The current version of Mission Planner (1.0.94) pops up the following warning when starting up ...


    ... so use the scripting with caution.  Micheal Obourne releases several updates per week (Thanks Micheal, fantastic software!) at the moment so shouldn't have to wait long for a version without this warning ;o)


    Good luck, let us know how it goes...  Perhaps a video too!

  • Developer


    Very interesting point, i didn't tried to change Yaw orientation during auto fly yet. The Yaw stick has no effect ?


    This would be very usefull for video filming.

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