Yaw problem on my octo (see video)

Hi all! When i release the yaw stick before a little correction my octo going up (see video), i don't know why, i'm in "stabilize mode".
Firmware is "2.049", PID "Stabilize Roll/Pitch" to 1.01, all others are default, this is the first video in "stabilize mode", no way for level the octo in "acro", i've played with pid without good result and annoyed to see my copter kissing the ground with the props... :P
My setup: 30A esc, Tiger Motors 710kv, 13x6.5 props, home made frame.
I need help from the guru here... :P



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    Nice video. My guess is that your throttle is very low when hovering.

    To get the copter to Yaw you need to lower the CCW props and raise the CW ones. You may be hitting the floor of the PWM output of your CCW props preventing then from going any lower. This floor is there to prevent the ESC's from cutting and stopping your motors. 

    So the sum of the output will go up when you Yaw. 

    You must have a lot of thrust! I would guess you should add weight or smaller props.


    As for the Acro mode, you must use some Iterm in the Rate controller to hold an angle. Try .2 to start. Also it's best to tie a string to some chairs and suspend the beast so it can rotate in one axis freely so you can tune acro. Tuning Acro in the air is an accident waiting to happen!



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