3D Printed Quadcopter Update

Hey everyone.  I've updated my design for my 3D printed quad.  Changed up a couple things aesthetically, and designed a GoPro mount.  There is a lot more I want to change.  Such as a canopy over the electronics, an area for a battery strap and some FPV specific stuff.  Right now I'm just working on getting this one flying but it is kind of hard to get motivated with how cold it is outside.  As always any ideas are greatly appreciated.  Here is my thing.



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  • Mike, the frame looks great.

    A few questions !!!

    1.) How much do you think the material cost was for all parts filament wise ?

    2.) How stiff are the arms and main plates ?

    3.) Is there a dampener for the GoPro Mount, grommets etc....to dampen the vibration to the GoPro frame.

    4.) Would you be willing to build one for a member (I.E. Me) Willing to pay whatever it costs you or whatever you want to sell for. Interested in testing durability of 3D printed frames before I drop $$$ on a 3D printer myself :)

    5.) Sorry if you stated in other threads, but what 3D Printer are you using ?

    Thanks for sharing and it looks very very good.


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