Be careful  to buy 3D printers in crowdfunding campaigns !

One of the most commons errors that startup companies do is to sell at too much low prices their printers in the crowdfunding campaign .

Then they will do not have enough money to build and ship the printers when  some extra cost arise, i.e. the express courier do not maintain shipping quote.

The more they succeded with the campaign the more they will have problems to ship the printers.

With the paradoxically  situation where you'll find in stores the printer (at an higher price of campaign) while you are waiting for months to receive it.
The company needs money and will not earn any shipping the printer to you while selling at an higher price it will survive.

If you are lucky or the company find money if not you might never receive your printer, you will not loos e money since Paypal will reimburse you but you'll loose a lot of time.

My suggestion: if you need a 3D printer for  a project with precise timing , do not buy a crowdfunding printer.

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