8 kg payload with multirotor


I need to build a multirotor which can lift a 8 kg payload.. Im not so experienced so i need your advice what powerplant should i choose,.quad hex or octa which wil be more efficient and stable.Please help me out,, I wanna put tiger motors for this.. so guys if possible copy paste the link of the motor that you are suggesting.. it will be very helpful for me...

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  • Use pixhawk in 8x  frame.

    Dualsky motors XM9010HD-6. $120 US

    These motors are 6s and rated commercial water + dust proof. Octo 25.6kg take off weight

    Cheaper motor no water or dust proofing.

    GARTT ML5208 340KV $250 US for pack of 8 or $45 US single will go up to a 8s system

    EMAX BLHeli Series 80A UBEC ESC $22 US

    22-24 inch props

    Because of the weight and danger the quad Octo is better and able to self save as long as the remaining ESC can handle the extra amp load, thus the 80a ESC


  • I have a quadcopter that will lift more than 8kg. Check out the pics on my Profile. It is for sale today.

  • I'm done with Tmotors...  They're ok, but the specs are a little optimistic : )  I'd go with https://www.kdedirect.com/collections/xf-multi-rotor-brushless-moto... turning some triple 27" blade in a X8 setup.

    • Shaun: 8x of those, you're a lucky dude!

    • No way, I wish.  I've got a 1300mm X8 with U8 170's and 27" dual blades.  The U8's were a bit limited as my logs were showing my rc outs were maxing out with a 3kg payload.  I swapped the 44ah 6s system with a 8s and it works pretty good.  I could see using the big KDE's if we eventually go with a new Reigl lidar at 7.5kg.  But where on earth would you find a frame lol!

    • I make my frames up from my local aluminium company. Ulrich. They have a wall shelfing system with plastic 2 way to 6 way  joints where the out side fits a 25 mm square tubing weighing  233grams a meter and inside fits 16 mm square tubing. Tools needed for repair is a cold chisel and rubber hammer. lol


    • You should really be using a 12S setup for those U8 motors.  You will need to get the blade speed up on them to get the best performance from the flight controller.  You should also notice a bump in efficiency as well.  

    • You think the 12s would work with the 170kv motors?  Those Dualsky motors are cheap!  Have you tried them?

    • I have tried the Dualsky motors.  They are really good quality for price.  I'm not sold on any particular brand of motor.  I've learned through years of experience that higher cost doesn't always translate to better quality, especially considering it is all coming from China.  

    • Ive tested those on 10 and 12 s and they will let the smoke out eventually.  I have been extremely happy with the KDE 72xx and 82xx series for larger aircraft.

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