8 kg payload with multirotor


I need to build a multirotor which can lift a 8 kg payload.. Im not so experienced so i need your advice what powerplant should i choose,.quad hex or octa which wil be more efficient and stable.Please help me out,, I wanna put tiger motors for this.. so guys if possible copy paste the link of the motor that you are suggesting.. it will be very helpful for me...

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    • You are obviously doing something wrong then.  The 170KV on 14S 80A ESCs' on a 12S Lipo turning 22" props barely gets warm in 80+ degree ambient temperatures Matt.  KDE are way over priced for what they are.  

    • Also, if you are wanting to run big motors and props on a 6S setup you should check out the Dualsky XM9010HD-6 300KV motors.  

    • :)

  • I'm a big fan of the T-Motor, in fact I run 8 Navigator 4120s on a CarbonCore Cortex X8. For your purposes, you should look into these: http://www.rctigermotor.com/html/2014/Efficiency-Type_0314/198.html Pricey but you'll need some serious lifting power.. 

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