• Here is my latest mount for the Rededge, GPS & DLS. Mast for Solo. The Basic Adapter (No Mast) works with Iris, Solo & X8




    Micasense RedEdge "M", "MX" & Original "RE3" Fixed Mapping 3DP Mount & Adapter for 3DR Iris, Iris +…
    Micasense RedEdge "M", "MX" & Original "RE3" Fixed Mapping 3DP Mount & Adapter for 3DR Iris, Iris + & X8
  • OT question,

    Why the camera mounted on a gimbal when the camera is pointing down to the ground.

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      To make it as level a possible for each shot to help with the stitching

    • There are algorithm to align pictures for stitching. The algorithm does not require pictures being taken at level.

      Even if you insist the pictures being taken at level, all you needed is 1D gimbal.

      My qustion really is, why not use post processing software to replace the gimbal.

    • With gimbal you need less overlaps especially in windy condition and with multicopter

    • a gimbal even 1D can weights as much if not more than a camera. Hence between  

      1. using two camera for stereograph 

      2. a gimbal 

      which will give you better data coverage.

    • My 2D gimbal it's 135g and cost 40$ the second RedEdge for stereograph it's 160g + gps and 6500$. I don't need stereograph, more data (big data it's a problem) and without gimbal I have always the problem of overlaps in windy condition.

    • I don't mean using rededge for second camera. I rather put another camera onboard for stereograph.

      As for too much data, if you have issue dealing with the volume, you are in wrong business doing survey and 3d model construction..

      As for wind issue, as long as your UAV carries the proper motors, you can take the wind out of the equation regarding data collection.

    • Here we speak about agricultural and so I am not interested in 3d model, I thinks that you never used multispectral camera.. so yes big data when you do a lot of hectare it's a problem.
      I thinks also that you never fly in wind with multirotor.

    • My main interests are oil & gas, but the survey technique is the same, fly a pattern, take multispectral pictures. The difference I believe is the 3d construction of the facility or pipeline network.

      As for the wind, for offshore facility, windy condition is part of the condition.

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