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      I agree with Yun Tak on most points, but I definitely understand the appeal of trying to limit the amount of raw images. It comes down to a tradeoff. Personally, I prefer 10% more pictures, but longer flights.

      Either way, that's a fantastic looking gimbal. Nice work! 

  • Here are some tests I did this summer over a potatoes trials site, I flew three flights with a quadcopter using Canon cameras and one flight with a plane using the MicaSense RedEdge3 camera. One benefit of using the RedEdge3 camera is you have the ability to produce visible images from the Red Green and Blue channels, or vegetation indicies from a combination of channels, so just one flight and your done.


    Canon S110 standard visible camera

    3702140448?profile=originalCanon S110 E38 converted

    3702140455?profile=originalCanon S130 IS MaxMax converted

    3702140476?profile=originalVisible mosaic, Micasense have improved their processing software to reduce the blotching caused by vairation of the light during the mission.


    3702140492?profile=originalNDVI 2

    3702140571?profile=originalYou have to take an image of the calibration target before and after each mission, the QRK code should be visible in the image.

    3702050113?profile=originalFor each trigger "0102" you get five images (one from each channel) numbered 1 - 5, IMG_0102_1.tif / IMG_0102_2.tif / IMG_0102.3tif / IMG_0102.3.tif / IMG_0102_4.tif / IMG_0102_5.tif, you can turn off channels to reduce the amount of data.

    1= Blue (480 nm), 2 = Green (560 nm), 3 = Red (670 nm), 4= Red Edge (720 nm), and 5 = Near IR (840 nm).

    3702140596?profile=originalOnce your ready to upload the data, its quite easy as all the images are geotagged when captured, you just upload them using a desktop app called "Micasense Uploader", log into ATLAS, create a farm, create a field and select process once the data has been uploaded. You can then view the RGB, NDVI, NDVI2 and Digital Surface Model using ATLAS, like above, or download a multi layered BGREN Tiff file and DSM Tiff file to process locally using a GIS program and create your own vegetation indexed files, like GDVI, NDRE, NDVI and RGB.





    Since my work this summer two firmware updates have been released, so I am confident that by next spring the RedEdge3 camera will be even better and is my opinion good value, even though the free data processing trials have ended and you must pay for each job that is processed by ATLAS.

    • Keith, thanks for posting this. I have a Micasense Red Edge acquired too late in the season last year to get more than two flights so I have a lot to learn about it. For research purposes I have an aircraft set up to carry the Red Edge, a Canon 110 converted by MaxMax, and a Canon 130 RGB all capturing data simultaneously. 

      Please keep us posted with your results as you can.

    • IMP Concepts has a Micasense Rededge Mount for Solo and X8. X8 Adapter can be used for a variety of Platforms. the mount itself can be seen on the FB Mapping Group. Or email IMP concepts at for more information.

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      Whaaaaaat??! Ian, I just messaged you on facebook 2 weeks ago looking for a RedEdge mount for the solo!

    • Email me and I will send you some model pics. Or go to the mapping & geomatics Group on FB.

      Aerial Mapping and Geomatics
      A group for people who are interested in all aspects of Aerial Mapping and Geomatics. For support, advice, and general info.
    • Hi Ian Soler,

      I'm very interested in purchasing a MicaSense RedEdge3 mount for my 3DR X8+ and my 3DR Solo.  What is the process for securing such mounts?

      Best regards,

      - Craig Thompson

    • Craig:

      Here is the link to my web site, they are all on there:

      IMP Concepts
      Custom UAV Upgrades & Essentials
    • Hi Ian,

      Your website appears to be down...

      - Craig

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