Best use of UAV for potatos (and best UAV overall)

I've been researching agricultural UAV's overall but im looking for the best benefits on potatoes;

I want to divide this post on 4 different topics that i have not been able to find on any specific site:

1.- best UAV: I believe we do need to consider several aspects:

        - fly at least 100 acres per flight (around 50 hectares for us at any metric system country :P) (heli or winged?)

        - probably be able to flt 100 mt + heights (to be able to take the least possible pictures at the best possible resolution, remember we are making desitions on this info)

        - be Rough enough to withstand harsh conditions (will probably be landing on dirt and such)

        - automated UAV for ease of use.

2.- imagery: basically which camera should we use?

        - i keep working around 4 different cameras: an RGB combined with a NIR to make NDVI analysis... a Multispectral (which i understand does the same thing but with better red spectrums) thermal cameras and finally DIY modified cameras (like GoPros)

       - which camera would do the job? is it worth it working with a camera worth a couple thousend of USD??

3.- Post flight software: i keep going back to pix4d but i find it so expensive so i dont know if agisoft is enough? or maybe look at companies like agribotix for analysis?

4.- real life Use and benefits: i believe this would be the best topic of all: can we really monetize the agricultural UAVs?

          - pre sowing work

          - during crop analysis (i believe a frequent fly would give enough comparison to take desitions based on this images)

          - real life scenarios in which you have beneffited from flying a UAV over your fields :)

i hope this discussion is not so extense that we have to divide it on 4 different topics but please advise...

BTW english is not my first language so sorry if i am writing something wrong :)

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    • Indeed, it is pretty bad. A matlab algorithm was used.

      What would you recommend?

    • Well, at the risk of self promoting as well as turning the DIY thread to a marketplace, 


      Data Collection and Processing Services - AgPixel
      A provider of image processing for use in aerial mapping products and agricultural services.
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      Every stitching service has the ability to compare their best results with competitors worst results. Do you offer a free trial? 

    • Mario would love to give you a free trial for our service at Email me a dropbox link with your images and will revert back with results

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      Heading out for a test in a few minutes. I'll try to get you a set tomorrow morning. 

    • Not to competition 

    • I thought this forum was all about collaboration.

    • I totally agree with you :)

      i hope we collaborate more than compete... 

    • Moderator

      Isn't everybody on these forums potential competition for you, if you're providing data collection and processing services? 

    • wow, it does help a lot!!! 

      most of our fields are around 50 Ha, so i think i will be going for a winged system... do you know anything about the lehmann la300?

      ive been looking over and over but being my first UAV im scared of taking a wrong decision lol...

      also, do you only fly over green fields? or do you pre sowing flights?


      Lehmann Aviation | Utility Drones since 2005
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