Business Opportunites for Drones in Agriculture

I was just at a conference in Los Angeles and the secession speakers seemed to be in agreement there was not a outside business opportunity for drone use In agriculture.  They invision the farmer having everything in the back of their truck to do their own surveys and make corrections quickly as needed.  Or the biologist or horticulturist will fly the drone and make the interpretation of the information as needed.

I disagree but that is not worth much, do you see drone operators getting involved in helping farmers?  Maybe what do you see them doing.

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  • I think it depends on 2 things;

    1. the nature of the farm or agricultural business (value of crops, scale of landholding).
    2. Attitude of the farmer. 

    From experience within agriculture No.2 is the deciding factor. If they're interested in the technology and the potential benefits, then they'll go all in.

    If not then they won't go near it.

    Drone contractors will have difficulty in providing there services to farmers unless it adds massive value or saves money. These opportunities are limited.

    One significant opportunity; Blackgrass. 

    Small scale farms will almost certainly not be able to justify the services unless producing very high value crops.

    Large scale -500 acre+ will find it easier to justify.

    This is an opinion from UK viewpoint where agriculture is currently going through very tough times.

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