We (www.gmxconsulting.co.uk) are developing a large-scale agriculture project in Nigeria (5,000ha) and started to use drones to survey and map topography.

The intention was then to use the Digital Elevation Model for irrigation planning and design. However, when we post processed the images we got very large x y z errors - please see the photos below.

1. Could anyone tell us where we have done wrong? Can we correct NOW (after the aerial survey)?

2. Also we look to outsource the drone surveying and post processing for our projects in Africa - Anyone interested please let us know.

Here are some more details:

Platform: E384

AGL: 120 - 180m 

Overlap: Front 60% Side 60%

GCPs: No

Flight time: <60 mins

Cameras: Canon S110 RGB and NGB

Number of photos: 300-400

Photo taken out before processing: None

Software: Photoscan

Many thanks in advance!




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    • Thank you Darius for your comments. I will try to send a link to dropbox folder containing the raw images and processed data from Photoscan.

      You will see a google kmz file with location on Google Earth.

      For drone we used E384 https://www.event38.com/Articles.asp?ID=289

    • @Quan,

      files received, 2 files parsing problems.

      email me back


    • Hi Quan, I am looking to buy E384 and would love to learn your experience with them so far. I am also available at ruchit@harvesting.co

    • Hi RG sure you can email me at quan.le@gmx.com

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