Looking at the current offerings for data analysis of images taken related to agriculture they all seem quite pricey for various countries where the dollar value of such software/applications is prohibitive. Are there any economical tools out there that can be of use for image analysis ?

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  • Maps made easy looks like an interesting one.... thanks!
  • @Agriavionics,  Have you tried https://www.mapsmadeeasy.com/ ?  I think they have a service that will do what you want.

    Also the standard version of PhotoScan can do the stitching, it's $180. 

    Maps Made Easy - Home
    Maps Made Easy is a web application that lets users upload aerial photos, stitch the images and host created maps. Creating maps with a DJI Phantom 3…
  • The price of Agisoft isnt far off from the others. Is there anything out there that does a basic image stich and then analysis of NDVI, red edge etc and proides a very basic summary of the image. Basically a really simple tool for analysis of crop images. No bells and whistles ..just basic image stiching and analysis related to agriculture.

  • Try PhotoScan by Agisoft.  http://www.agisoft.com/features/professional-edition/

    You need a pretty good computer with lots of cores and a high-end graphics processor, but you can get the entire package for < 6K US. dollars.

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