Experimenting with NDVI , fiji + photoscan

Hello All,

I just started experimenting with NDVI. I bought a IR-PRO.com INFRABLU NDVI LENS for my HERO3 black edition.

This is what I did:

- I went and did a small survey mission at a field and processed the orthomosaic in photoscan.

- I then opened up the ortho in FIJI Image and processed the NDVI.

Using NDVI_VGYRM.lut color map from http://publiclab.org/notes/cfastie/08-26-2014/new-ndvi-colormap

I noticed one thing. If I process the NDVI for a single image that made up the orthomosaic, I am getting mixed colors vs the orthomosaic which is just green mostly.

I have attached both images.

Let me know what you think.



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  • The effect you are seeing is likely due to bidirectional reflectance artifacts.

  • I will be happy to take a crack at processing your images if you'd like, but the Dropbox link does not appear to be working anymore.

  • Nice work.

    What lens exaclty did you buy from http://www.ir-pro.com? Please post the link of lens.

    I am in the process to buy an NIR (NDVI lens) from Sunex (link below) for my Hero Back3+. I did remove myself the original lens form my Hero3+ and want to add an NIR lens (also no distorsion). But that model from Sunex can not be enclosed on the waterproof case, are little bit longer.

    Is you lens from ir-pro OK on the waterproof case? And is the ir-pro lens you did buy with no fish eyes correction?


  • I got the original images here if anyone is willing to process them to compare from my results?


    Dropbox - Error
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    • I have saved it to my dropbox, but it will be 2 weeks before I am at home and can do it.

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