Farmer dashboard for interpreting data

Pondering when farmer flies a drone, capture multi-spectral data and generates all those colorful imagery, whats the best resource they have to interpret the data collected to convert into meaningful action items. I am assuming for most cases farmers are not GIS specialist and would need lot of help interpreting imagery..

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  • Based on some early feedback received from this community and beyond, we have made our solution available for public beta trial, please visit and sign-up try out our beta. Our focus is entirely on the agriculture data, so you would see lot of useful things which you may not find on other general purpose dashboards.

  • Based on the early feedback we have built a comprehensive decision support dashboard, wich not just handles drone imagery data but also gives best in class information about other factors which impacts your agriculture. Checkout this thread and would love to have your participation in the beta program

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      Some farm management software is able to automatically create management zones from .shp files, depending on the required application. Additionally, some machinery/infrastructure is able to import that data and adjust applications, IE variable rate applications. 

      My partner's family is the only grower in the area that is beta testing some of this software, but it's coming from an established farm management company, not a drone startup.

      The problem we are having is obtaining reliable information from the drones, which is a work in progress. Not willing to punch that data in as the start of an automated process without extreme confidence in the accuracy. 

      Anyways, I don't remember if his family has an NDA with the software company. If not, I'll post a link and some screenshots. I've only imported data to it twice while messing around. 

    • Thanks Mario for your insights. Look

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      Can't share the images.
    • pretty cool, thanks for sharing!!

  • Right now from what I read you have hit on one of the largest issues, I believe most are just using visual clues to locate stressed vegetation and then must go to the location to evaluate.  There area a lot of issues to cover, pests, watering, fertilizer, would be interesting to see if you can at least get some idea, maybe within one of the categories, of what the issue is.

    • Agreed Pat. I am building a solution with an aim to solve this, very early at the moment. Checkout Would love to brainstorm

    • I have been giving a lot of thought to this topic (i grow potatos), and i think one of the best uses for images on fields is to make a time lapse of the each field...

      so for example, i would be flying my UAV every 10 days taking RGB and NIR, probably would be using it for the NDVI and measuring the canopy at each stage... now if i make a Folder of each field with the 20 or 25 images taken during the whole cycle... this way i could see and compare the advance and/or damage in the crop during its growth...

      i still havent been able to find the right way of doing this and getting the benefits.... but i know it has future

    • Hi Roberto, we are about to launch timelapse feature. Would love to show you demo. My email 

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