Has anyone got UAV 333 exemption here in USA?

I know its very subjective to what you would do with UAVs, but i am curious to learn about 333 exemptions and your experience with it:

Is this easy to get? How long does it take to get it? Did that help you do your work with UAVs ? Can folks/companies still apply to get on the exemption list?

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  • I got my exemption today, yahoooo, not sure what it all means but I like knowing I can comply with the regulations.

    I put my application in early, May 31, I know they are granting a lot less than requests coming in so you better hurry to get yours in.

    • Congrats Pat!!

  • I have filed, hope to get the exemption late this month or next, they are chewing through the list slowly but surely.

    I have a templet you can use, insert your name and contact information and types of UAVs and nearly all the legal language is there, send a message and I will email to you

    • Pat,

      Thanks for offering to share your petition template.  My email is khrhodes@hushmail.com.  Again, many thanks.


    • I'm working for a firm that got their 333 early.  Now the firm is re-organizing, and I'm having to re-apply.

      I've sent a friend request to Pat to get your eMail to see your template.  Hopefully the process has distilled down to less verbiage.  I'm hoping that having an MR that already has an N-Number makes it faster. 

    • Thanks Pat. Just sent you message, my email ruchit@harvesting.co 

    • sent

    • for some reason I have not received your mail Pat. Can you please retry. thank you so much.

    • resent, check you spam folder, 

    • Hi Pat, I'd like the template as well. Can you please pm me one?



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