Hexa with Hobbywing X8 motors

i am building a hexacopter with
1.) hobbywing x8 motors
2.) flight controller pixhawk PX5
3.) battery 12s 22Ah
4.) wheel base of around 1800mm
5.) estimated weight around 17kg without payload

i am looking if anyone has already tuned this type so i can get a head start. looking forward

thank you

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  •  thanks for your reply. 

    can you share your setup details: 

    1 Motor

    2 prop

    3 PID rates

    4 batteries


  • We have a drone for 1800mm wheelbase, but it is assmeble the CUAV V5+ flight controller, it is assmebled well and testing well already.  And the testing is for payload 40kg weight to test also, Succeeded. 10845699288?profile=RESIZE_930x

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