Methods and Software used for stand counts


I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with estimating populations on photos they've taken with UAVs.  Software or particular methods that you have found to work.  I currently use a Y6 tri-copter from Event 38 with a GoPro Camera as well as a Canon SX 260 converted to near-infrared.  I've used Agisoft Photoscan with great success in photo-stitching and dronemapper. I've dabbled with Fiji/image j, and Microsoft ICE but I've found they seem to have more of a learning curve for me.

Any ideas if population estimates work well in any of these programs or in others that I have not mentioned?



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    • Hello Taylor,

      Do you have any news about the commercial license of your software?


      José Gaspar.

    • Very good your work Taylor

      Working in Brazil with sugar cane if you are interested in testing their software, I have some mosaics on different dates.

      (sorry for my writing in English)

    • Hi Martello,

      I just sent you a direct message through the forum. I'd be very interested to see the mosaics you have and see what kind of results we can get.



    • Hi Taylor,

      I have images of oil palm crops - both in RGB and NiR-GB. Can I share it with you so that you can count the stands as well.

      best regards


    • Hi Nasruddin,

      I can't direct message you since we're not friends yet on the site. So I'm posting a reply here before I forget.

       I'd be happy to take a look at your images. You can email them to me if they are small enough, or send me a link from dropbox, google drive, etc. if that is more convenient. Email: tcg [at]



    • Hi Taylor,

      These look great!  Very interesting work.  I don't think I have a full mosaic that is at quite that level of detail right now.  Next season I will be sure to check out my Field of View setting and check how vibration is to get a better image.  Hopefully I can pin down the best flight methods to get useable photos for this application, and I will let you know when I do.  I'd be very interested to learn if/when your program becomes commercially available. I will send some more images as they come, and as I find them.

      Thanks again for taking a look I really appreciate it!

    • You're welcome, and thanks again for providing the images. Keep in touch!


    • This is great. Can you create a shapefile with points for each plant detected?

    • Hi Eric. Sure, that can be done. It requires having geo-referencing for the image/mosaic, so this usually means a GeoTiff file as opposed to just a .jpg. And if you want the coordinates to be really accurate you need to do some extra work in image acquisition/mosaic-ing.

    • Taylor: very interesing work, I was thinking how to count plants with images, your program is commercialy available?

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