University Project on agriculture quadcopter

hi everyone
I am a new member here and I like the way people help each other here by replying to posts.
I am a final year student of electrical engineering and I am planning to buy a quadcopter and implement GPS module on it so that it can take co-ordinates from the laptop and do an automated flight. Also I want to implement a spraying equipment on it to spray pesticides.
I have done my research and I found out that mostly pesticide spraying quadcopters cost $3000 for a payload of 2kg.
I need your help in my project. Can you recommend me how to move on with this venture. I will buy a quadcopter. Do you recommend me any cheap copter and it will be great.

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    • Martin can you please provide some details of your spraying drone ? I don't see any HW details on your website.. Do you sell the drone or do just the service-based job ? Thanks

    • Dear Michal,
      We have three different payloads 40, 80 and 125 kg, we are currently providing it as a service, however we will have them for sale as well in the near future. I am not allowed to provide details of the construction but if you subscribe to our newsletter you will be informed as soon as they are for sale at
    • Thank you a lot martin.
      If it is possible that we can correspond via skype sometimes then it will be great. if my project goes well we can collaborate for the commercial purpose and I have good social marketing skills too. 
      hopefully we can help each other quite well. 
      Do let me know what you think

    • Dear Taha,

      Definitely, I just added you as a friend here so I can send you via private msg my personal info, otherwise it wont let me, also I just started a thread about high pressure pumps, we need a light weight solution that is better that what is out in the market, here is the URL: to get the ball rolling.

      Please send me a private msg if you are able to.

      Best regards,


    • Sent you a PM my friend.

  • Hi everyone,

    I have selected this quadcopter  for the experimental pesticide spray.

     But I don't know how much payload it can carry. Also can anyone tell me about its performance related to my task. i need opinions on this.

    Suggestions will be appreciated.


    • not a good option.. if you need to carry 2kg payload, that one will not do the job for sure..

  • Developer

    There is a spray function in copter.  Start here

    • hi there craig
      The link you shared is not working. Can you share it again please.

    • Moderator
      Taha, he shared a link to the parameter list in the arducopter wiki.
      Go to Google and search for "arducopter wiki" and read all of the documentation. Again, I'm really not trying to just write you off, but that will absolutely be your best and most concise source of information to get started. Write down any questions you have after reading the documentation there, and then come back and ask on the forums here.
      If you bypass the wiki, there is a good chance you'll end up hurting your efforts in the lo,g run.
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