using gopro for survey?

Has anyone tried GoPro to do aerial survey for farms? Given GoPro have wide angle camera of 170 degrees, do you think it would be matter of concern when generating orthomosaics?

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    • Also does GoPro images with 3DR solo are automatically geo-tagged? if not how to handle that?

    • This forum link covers both questions better than I can explain in a reply.

    • It would be best to test this by accessing the EXIF one of the images taken by the 3DR Solo and checking. Just recently I ran into the problem where the DJI P2V+ didn't store the altitude into the images so I want to make a script which can set ALL the images to 0m for post-processing. This will not generate as good of a mosaic if I had the (exact) altitude information from the flight controller itself.

    • How do you point gopro to point vertically down for the mission? I have a 3DR solo with gimbal.

    • My gimbal does it quite well. Not sure why yours does not but it should never the less.

    • I am sure my solo gimbal does it well, I am just trying to figure out how to lock it in that position for the autonomous flight?

  • I map with a go pro 4 but I swapped out my lens with a peau productions 5.4 I use drone deploy to map and am happy with the results of dsm and ortho.
    • I dread opening up my newly bought GoPro 4 :). Using MAPIR camera maybe a better option?

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