Video Transmission Issue

Hey guys, I have been working with my FPV setup recently, and it suddenly is not working anymore. When I plug everything in, I receive no video, just a blank monitor screen. I have tried purchasing a new camera and video transmitter, does that mean that my video receiver is the problem? I have attached a link video showing what is going on. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

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  • Connect your camera directly to your monitor, no TX and RX this way you can troubleshoot camera, monitor, and cables.  Then check other wires if you already check and replaced connectors. Does your camera have power ?

    • I figured it out. There was an issue with the voltage running to the camera, as you suggested. Thank you for your help!

  • Did you check wires and plugs?

    Your channel is the correct? accidentally didn't change it?

    • The wires and plugs are ok, I switched them out just to check. The channel is also correct.

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