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Kind of a silly question, I'm betting on the COA but thought I would ask in case any of you went through the process and know better. I'm thinking about trying to get a COA for the University I work at. I've looked at the process, documentation, etc. but when it comes describing the aircraft that will be used is it an aircraft which you are already supposed to have in your possession or something that you will get when your COA is approved. Example: Let say we want to get a fleet of IRIS+s and operate them over our fields. Do we have to have them in our possession before the COA or after? 

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  • Hi Jim,

    I don't know where you are at in the COA process currently but I thought I would chime in. When we applied for our COA, they required a N-number for our aircraft before they would even process our paperwork. Therefore- I would recommend getting an Iris+ and applying for an N number before you proceed with the COA process. 



  • Greetings,

    In a section 333 filing, you are describing the aircraft you intend to fly. You do not need to own them at the time of filing. Once you have a 333, you can amend it to add additional UAVs.


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