hi there
Well you offered us your help and its great :)
We are trying to make a cheap quadcopter which can carry 0.5 kg payload of liquid pesticide.
I am looking for a frame like this one
Do you know where i can buy and how much will it cost?
Also please share your skype id3691236881?profile=original

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  • Hi there, 

    I would be curious to learn what can you do with a .5 liter of pesticide. How large is the area that you can spray with that?

    Either way, you can check out our Easy Drone XL Pro for this as we are planing to use it in precision agriculture. It can carry 1Kg of weight for 25 minutes and fits in a small backpack.

    Ready-to-fly it costs under $2K. 

    Here is the link


  • All the sprayer drones I have found online are rather expensive.

    It sounds like the .5kg liquid + sprayer will be about 800 - 1000g payload I suspect.

    Well, I very much want to help you with the design of this drone so long as I can get a foot note.

    When would be a good time to chat?  My Skype id is "FerroSonic"

    I can give you an "at cost" quote for this kind of project in 5 minutes if we iron out some details. 

    I suspect the bidget is tight so I'll just set you up with 100% economic parts, which will work, and you can upgrade later if you want.

    Regarding authentic flight controllers, I did not get mine off ebay or amazon. There are verifiable numbers and characteristics about the flight controller boards itself in addition to having a registered serial number from the manufacturing company.

    Honestly, I have bought clone parts off ebay, but they have yet to fail. 

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