Commercial use of drones in farms and other agriculture

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  • Hi Keith, I see that MicaSense costs about $6,450/- . Do you find it worth? I am relatively new to NDVI

  • Nice Map! Where is a good resource in finding what the highs and lows of each band mean as far as real life application. ie what would .55 on NDVI mean to a farmer?  

  • Sorry for the radio silence, but its busy, busy, busy! I wanted to share my first NDVI image using the RedEdge camera from MicaSense;

    3702050249?profile=originalFive channels are used at the same time; band 1 = blue, band 2 - green,

    band 3 = red, band 4 = red edge and band 5 = NIR

    3702050113?profile=originalProcessing is done in the cloud using "Atlas", MicaSense's own services;

    3702050354?profile=originalYou can produce, RGB composites with 3 bands or band-to-band raster calculations for NDVI / GRVI / NDRE and get a Digital Surface Model too!

    I will post more about this summers work in the autumn / winter, when I have had time to test things out and write up my findings.

  • Does anyone know what kind of hand held Tablet device the Sensefly guys use with the eBee? Its gotta be something quite powerful if it processes images in real time

  • First Ever IDC sanctioned Drone Event for farmers June 13, 2015 Central IA

    Go to or go to farm Drone Event and workshops on 3 farms

  • If anyone needs a simple & inexpensive method to setup a telemetry connection over 4G, I wrote a free guide and created a dedicated group S.

  • Nice work
  • 3701960424?profile=original

    Finished Map from Sunday afternoon flight my Skywalker 2013 w/ Pixhawk FC mapping 446 acres in 41 min. Flight was at 100m at 15 m/s taking a photo every 2.4 seconds for 975 pictures. Average GSD is 3.5cm/ 1.4in. Camera S100 Processing time 6hours 3 - 5 hours on Maps Made Easy

    Finished map

    Wings of Technology

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  • Hi Robert,

    A SkyWalker2013 with Sony NEX5N 16mm lens mounted in a 2D gimbal. Controlled by a 3DR PixHawk, 433MHz Mavlink radio and FrSky Taranis Tx & X8R Rx.

  • Nice work!  Can you share some info on the system and flight specs?

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Open Source Drone Payload Project Supporting In-Flight AI

I'm leading a project to develop a completely open source system for deploying artificial intelligence and computer vision on a drone. We are trying to make the system as general purpose as possible, but one application would be supporting precision agricultural. The real-time, in-flight processing aspects of the payload are probably less interesting for precision AG, but the data collection and curation capabilities might be. We are getting started with a few specific missions, we are…

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Ground Station for Spraying Drone

We need a GSC for a small spraying drone base on Pixhawk. It should be capable of pausing the mission whenever the tank is empty, return to launch, and after refueling or changing the battery, return to the last waypoint that the mission was paused and continue the mission. The GCS should run on android and be swarm cable (at least in the future). Could this be done in Qgroundcontroll or should I consider doing it using DroneKit or FlytOS on a companion computer? Or is there any other…

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