• Hi guys,

    I am visiting here in Western Chermside, Brisbane, Qld. I see the posts here are quite sometime now. Does anyone here fly arduplane or arducopter with APM/Pixhawk/Pixracer? I have a flying wing with Pixracer capable of 1 hour flight on 2200mah, 3S battery. I understand that there are rules from CASA and BCC on drones. Is there a place here to do long flights with a flying wing without violating any rules?

  • Hey guys - I see these discssions are a few years old but here goes!

    I live out in Samford and I have an arducopter with an APM2.5 - I'm interested in the longer flights as well as planning waypoints etc to take pictures.

    Do any on you know the Ardupilot and the 3DR gear? I would like to catch up.

    Please let me know

  • Hi Jean, 

    I am from Brisbane, I am working on a fixed wing drone, I am interested in long stable flights - and using it as a base for cameras (air photos) - and eventually looking at using this to monitor water pipes. 

    I am also interested in rockets and making a rocket glider that can be controlled to land back near the launch area. 

    I have an Autonomous rover, that we used to test things before we out an APM in the air.

    I have been playing with using an accelerometers and Arduino to do a few side projects with as well. 

    I am more of a software guy than a hardware guy, my background is 20 years in GIS. 

    From looking at the member list there is about 150 people here from Brisbane, I think we should try and organize a Christmas drink some time ;) Maybe we should make a QLD group - there is a WA group. 

    I am based in Graceville. 

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