Allowed frequencies for UAV in Brazil


I would like to fly with my drone in Brazil but I have never been in the country before and I don't speak Portugese so it's hard for me to find information about the allowed frequencies for drones. I'm interested in these frequencies : 433 Mhz, 915 Mhz, 1.3 Ghz, 2.4 Ghz, 5.8 Ghz

Please if you have some relevant information about frequencies, max. range, power restrictions, certification etc. let it share here. If I fly under 100m AGL, is there any restriction to fly (no airports obviously) ? Is the beyond-visual-line-of-sight allowed ? Does anyone care ? Any fines or problems with ANAC if I break rules ?

Thanks !


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  • Anyway I still don't get the fact that even for personal use you cannot bring your drone to Brazil without ANATEL homologation of any RF equipment or battery used. This is really silly, I have not found such strict rules anywhere yet.

    • Welcome to our great Brazil :D

    • If anyone is travelling to Brazil and wishes to bring their drone on the trip, I can provide the homologation service for 130 dollars or 115 euros via PayPal, which includes the Anatel fee. Unfortunately Anatel (Brazilian Communications Comission) does not provide clear information regarding foreigner tourists bringing their drone temporarily into the country, but they do demand homologation license for all drones being imported, and it is valid for 2 years. The process is done online, it is in Portuguese only, and requires that the applicant have a CPF number (Brazilian social security number), and the fee payment has to be done through a brazilian bank (Banco do Brasil), so that's is where I come in and do the process under my name. The process has to be done well in advance before your trip, as it can take anywhere from 5 to 20 business to be concluded.

      If anyone needs this service, please let me know. I have homologated 5 drones so far.


      David Ache
  • In true,

    Anatel must test and certify your equipments.
    For instance, on this site there are the steps

    It's not a simple process and I was on a local forum and they are almost fighting with Anatel trying to certificate their products.

    You can query if equipments already certified on this link:

    On this field "Nome Fabricante" you must fill manufacturer

    • Thanks ! Now it gets just worse.. bureaucracy again..

    • welcome to Brazil. this crap rules over here.

    • Well it's the same in my country, bureaucracy.

      Now the question is which RC, FPV  and flight controller/telemetry brands are already approved by ANATEL ?

      RC : FUTABA T8FG, T14SG, DJI DJ6 (old)

      FPV : DJI Lightbridge

      Flight controller with telemetry and gps : not any particular known yet, but DJI has approved Phantom 2 which is complete drone

      Secondly what happens at the borders check is not clear to me. They will ask me what brands of RF equipment I have in my setup ? I cannot imagine the police guys will have a clue about drone parts in particular.. But anyway it's a high risk and I would be too nervous to come to Brazil without any approval..

      It's a shame I cannot use Pixhawk since 3DRobotics is not approved or recognized at all. I'll rather avoid homologization process if I can, it just saves time, sorry 3DR..

  • OK although I cannot share complete details of the drone, I think what is required for me now is following :

    - Since I cannot buy the required radio equipment in Brazil, I will need ANATEL approval before I come to Brazil. That might take ages or not.. I don't know if ANATEL needs to physically see and test the equipment or I'm required only to send the details over email to someone ? Then we get some paper and that's it..

    - I'm going to fly in non-populated areas, countryside and under 100m AGL so I hope I'm not going to break any additional rules.

    - I'm not going to sell air photos from the drone, it's just a 1 day demo flight for someone.

    - I'd like to use UHF system on 915 Mhz for my RC but that might be illegal because of power restrictions.. So I may not get the ANATEL approval in case of UHF.. Any info on this ?

    Thanks again guys ! Your information is more than appreciated.

  • as important or even more , as the autorities that are few ..are the bandits..they are a lot ..and they like the gringos..a lot ...and there toys. So work only with particular safety personnel..armed of course..

    • Good point, thanks !

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