What are people using for legal down links for a SOFC in Canada, my understanding is that it has to a a digital downlink and not one of those analog ones that blast out on the HAM 5.8ghz/2/4ghz/900 mhz bands,  

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  • I should add I am talking about a commercial use (hence the SFOC) , it seems a little grey when it comes to HAM licences, as the ISM does allow commercial operation on certain frequencies


  • For legal video downlinks (my understanding is all the Chinese things are not IC approved) I just noticed the DraganFly "Dragon Eye" equipment for sale.  It's a little bit expensive, but honestly not too bad.  Somebody has to pay for that approvals process.

    For telemetry, my understanding is the 3DR Radios are not techically legal, regardless of band being used, because they do not have an IC or FCC approval.

    Xbees do, however.

  • Hi Ian,

    Some builders record video onto a on-board SD or micro-SD, or USB drive.
    For FPV, my AR Drone creates an ad hoc WiFi down link for video and telemetry.

    The Ardurio-based drones use some implementation of 2.4 ghz....but, there is
    a growing use of digital HAM. It's still very much a mixed bag of solutions out there.
    I am waiting for a plug-and-play solution that  uses Spektrum DSM technology.


  • Developer
    915MHz is legal on the ISM band. As long as its FHSS over a specific frequency. Which the 3DR Radio complies with. MAAC says all FPV euipment should only be used with a
    HAM license.
    I also use 2.4GHz Telemery avaible on my FrSky, I'm hoping to get it working with MAVLink to FrSky protocol conveter. This gives me GPS and other pieces of data on my TH9x with Open9x FW.
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